Let's face it, whether you engage with us is really all about you and whether you have a problem or opportunity we can help you with. If you have a need and have arrived here looking for a partner you can trust, you will be wondering about the people who make up May Dynamics, and what we represent.


So, on this page, we unashamedly talk about us.

about may dynamics

May Dynamics is a strategic business consultancy with a difference, with Headquarters in Perth, Western Australia. We are approachable, innovative, agile and action-based. We exist to support businesses, large and small, who want to invest in their lasting future success. How? By building strong business systems of great people, value-adding processes and integrated systems. Our goal is to help our clients to SCALE their business for sustainable success


We have the experience and we have the system. Put them together with your unique subject matter expertise, and you have all the pieces to make great things happen. We believe in giving value, not sugar-coating the truth, getting the best out of people and delivering great results.

How did may dynamics come about?


May Dynamics was founded in late 2018 by Jen and Garry May, AKA The Dynamic Duo. They are the husband and wife team whose corporate change management careers first collided when they worked together at JPMorgan in the UK in 2003. At that stage, Garry had just been transferred from Sydney, to create a client metrics platform, and Jen was a Project Manager transitioning from connecting JPMorgan to every major European stock exchange, to designing and delivering the client agenda for European Equities. They quickly realised that the combination of Jen's cutting logic, organisational and analytical skills alongside Garry's programming ability and history of disruptive change, were a winning combination. 3 children, 3 countries, multiple businesses, senior management and solo change agent roles later, Jen and Garry reinvented themselves as The Dynamic Duo, launching Dynamic Krav Maga and May Dynamics.



Before founding May Dynamics, the team had 40 years' experience of transforming businesses of between 1 and 100,000 employees. Very little of what is required is specific to industry, because it is founded on the basic rules that any business should be following.


But for anyone concerned that we may not "have experience with my industry", have a look at the wide range of industries where we have mastered complex technical subject matter and driven successful change, including:


Plus since establishing May Dynamics, we have also worked closely with clients in Professional Services, Hospitality, Trades and Services. It doesn't matter if you are B2B or B2C, your size or your existing acumen. All you need is to commit to taking regular action to develop and deliver your strategic growth.

Our company values are Excellence, Collaboration and Learning, and we focus hard on ensuring these come shining through in every engagement. Our preference is to work with business owners and their teams, to develop their In-House capabilities, instil confidence and lay strong foundations for lasting success.

about Our Team

Jen Profile Picture.jpg
Jen May
specialising in Process design, user experience, communication, quality & LOGISTICS
Garry May
specialisING in leadership  
Behaviour, Systems DEVELOPMENT & integration

Jen is highly experienced in both creating and transforming businesses, and knows how to make them profitable, productive, magnetic, systematic and scalable.


She completed the competitive Graduate Program at JP Morgan, then cut her teeth as a Project and Change manager in international finance. After 10 years in large corporations, Jen took the plunge into the small business world and has repeatedly helped create high-functioning organizations, with happy people, slick processes, accurate reporting and strong management.

Jen has been the driving force for change within several SMEs and, as a business owner herself, you will find her to be a valuable and knowledgeable partner. She is tenacious in pursuing what is required for the good of organisations and makes an excellent sounding board for business owners who may feel they lack peers in whom to confide.


With specific experience in business development, data analysis, logistics, communications, graphic design and customer service, her specialties are process design, strategic communications and logistics. Her goal is to make delivering excellence simple, so if you want a world class Customer and User experience, Jen is your girl.

Garry is a Business Success Partner by day and a Krav Maga (self defence) instructor by night. Believe it or not, the two things truly complement each other and he develops leaders in both.


Garry has driven major initiatives in many large organizations, both corporate and government, in IT and business teams.


In recent years he turned his world upside down, quitting smoking, training regularly and qualifying as a Krav Maga Global instructor.

Garry acts as the main Business Development Manager for May Dynamics, taking on specific clients in the fitness industry, or in areas where he has interest and/or experience.

Garry is experienced in developing and implementing systems to support great processes, and will open your eyes to how the cloud has made world-class systems accessible to everyone.

Garry is also an expert on cultural and behavioural change, having turned around large under-performing teams, and will help your organization navigate the most impossible challenges, or you as a business owner conquer your own perceived limitations to get the results you need.

how we work

Our values are excellence, collaboration and education. That means what we want to do is work WITH you, to both LEARN and SHARE KNOWLEDGE, so together we can achieve GREAT things.

What we DON'T want to do, is lock you into a long-term commitment if it's not the right thing for you.

If you are looking for an Accountability Partner, a trusted external advisor and learning how to implement tested strategies for fast results, then our Business Success Programs will work wonders for you and your business. They are the surest way to get stunning transformations and build businesses of scale.

If you are on a tighter budget, you will find our Group Training and Online Toolkits offer incredible value and enable you to work at your own pace. Whether you are starting a new business, or patching up the holes in an existing one, these resources deliver what you need to guide your progress.

For the entrepreneurs out there seeking unprecedented speed and sustainability in setting up and growing a new business, we offer Business Partnership & Collaboration options. Your unique subject matter expertise, combined with our processes and systems, creates world class businesses that excel. Our part can stop at set-up and design, or we can provide ongoing management for the business. Imagine just being able to do what you love, and letting all the compliance, HR headaches and customer service aspects take care of themselves, on our watch.

Many businesses have a specific need and just need an expert provider to fill it. That's what our Dynamic Consulting and Major Project Resourcing solutions do. You can book us for the hours, days, weeks or months you need to deliver tangible outcomes. And on a regular part-time, or a full-time basis. Examples of deliverables include creating your Intelligent Operations Manual, your Reporting Suite, your Sale Pack or delivering large scale projects and transformations for and with your team.

And last but not least, you may be looking for software that works for you. That's where our Integrated Solutions come in. You need software solutions that suit your needs, people and processes. We are registered Partners for several products that we believe have transformative powers, including ServiceM8 and Zoho. We can also facilitate Systems Evaluations when you need a fix but are unsure which solution is the best fit, preventing wasted time and costs and ensuring your system architecture is optimised.