We understand that sometimes you need a quick fix. Also that, for most organisations, starting to think strategically is impossible, because staff are under the pump just getting through their daily roles. Don't worry, of course we can help.

$40 / Hour

Virtual Assistant

Offload time-consuming tasks with an aim to getting rid of them!. Choose the hours you need, with the freedom to vary your booking as you need. Because our VAs are trained and mentored by process experts, they don't just DO your tasks impeccably, they ANALYSE and CHALLENGE.

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Jen May

$100 / Hour

process capture

Not yet ready to handover your current processes? Get ready for cross-training, contingency planning, process improvement and growth. We come to your workplace to capture, test and document your tasks and procedures. Ideal before engaging a temp, VA, auditor or consultant!

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Jen May

Price Varies

 temporary staff

We can supply the correct resources to ensure your business continuity. Whether it is to cover absence, an experienced professional to execute complex tasks, or a specialist consultant, we can find the right fit for you. We balance ability with cultural fit so you get the best, quickest result.

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Garry May

We can work with you for as long or short a time as you need us to. Then, if and when you feel ready, we already understand some of the workings of your business and can start to look at Business Success Programs and long-term strategic change.