What are Tenders & Proposals?


Tenders are the formal document to convince a buyer with a major project or substantial recurrent work that the business in question is the best option to supply the required product and/or service. Proposals are very similar to Tenders, but are generally proacively prepared and sent by the business, often proposing a need or opportunity the intended buyer may not yet have identified. As Tenders are always written in response to the potential buyer's needs, they often require rigid adherence to particular templates, conventions and content. Complying with these requirements can be both time-consuming and difficult. 

Tenders are vital Strategic Sales tools for any business aiming to scale, as they enable a small to medium business to demonstrate capabilities well above what their size may suggest. A well-written, beautifully presented and compelling Tender or Proposal could well be the difference your business needs for rapid and lasting growth. May Dynamics has the experience, business acumen, copy-writing skills and design ability required to create a professional, branded Tender or Proposal.

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Look Great

Featuring powerful copy, professional branding, quality diagrams & charts, our Tenders & Proposals always make you look your absolute best

Win The Best Jobs

Work put out to tender is likely to be long-term, large-scale and/or repetitive. The process secures the payment terms. In short, profitable, reliable work that payment is guaranteed for.

Become #1

A great Tender or Proposal will make you look bigger and better and will set you apart from your competitors. Winning even a single high profile job changes how the market perceives you, putting you in the driving seat


we create winning tenders

Over the 20 years prior to 2019, when May Dynamics was formed, both Directors were frequently involved in Tender processes. Unlike many small businesses, we have experience on both sides; that is, as buyer / requester and seller / submitter. So we know what it takes to win the Big Contracts.

We have written and submitted winning Tenders in both Australia and the UK, representing financial service providers, electrical contractors, photovoltaic installers and manufacturing industries. Our Tenders consistently exceeded the requirements of buyers, including those of government departments, schools, councils, Not For Profits and large commercial organisations.

On the other side of the equation, we have been part of the panel reviewing Tender Submissions.  This means we know first hand what a Tender needs to have to give it the edge and satisfy the buyer's concerns; to win big contracts and lucrative, scalable work.  We work with you on communicating your strengths and addressing all selection criteria, with a focus on:

  • A compelling argument why you are the best possible provider

  • Graphical and visual communication of results & statistics

  • Clearly & concisely addressing all selection criteria

  • Professional writing and presentation throughout

Importantly, if you are NOT yet ready to Tender for large jobs, our data collection will identify this issue before it is too late. In that case, we can work with you to improve your business, ready for the start date.

what is special about our process?


What really sets us apart, is our integrated approach to capturing the information required for most Tenders. Did you know over 90% of the data requested, is common to most RFT's (Request for Tenders)? And did you know, the information you use for your Tender is a subset of the data you would need, if you wanted to Sell your Business. Figures, right?


With our Business Success Program clients, we start capturing this data from Day 1, so to submit a Tender or create a Sale Prospectus is simple and painless.

We use a specially designed form, including fields common to most Tenders (plus custom fields). We assist clients to source and supply their own business data and complete this form, while providing project management support over timelines, responsibilities and approvals. We also independently assess the submission's Strengths, Weaknesses & Match to Selection Criteria. Once the inputs are complete, the next stage is to populate the Tender template and present the data in well-written English with quality graphics.


Our standard template (perfect for Proposals) is included, or we can move your Quality Assured data to the template required (supplied by you, or the Required Tender Format (RTF) from the buyer. Our approach minimizes re-work required for multiple Tenders and means you can submit high-quality Tenders and Proposals in no time.


Our Standard tender Packages

Ready Set Go
quality check



We provide an independent Quality Assurance service for businesses who have existing Tenders that they are not sure about. Includes:

  • Proofreading your existing PDF / Word Tender or Proposal document, commenting throughout on:

  • Message (are you clear, compelling, relevant & logical in your submission)

  • Errors (spelling & grammar)

  • Style & consistency

  • Strength of submission


$100/hr + 1%

Ideal for businesses wanting a professional, winning Tender:

  • Advice on requirements

  • Custom data capture form

  • Project management

  • Assessment of capabilities vs requirements

  • Professional template included, or populate custom format

  • PDF format Tender or Proposal

  • Quality Assurance / Proofread

  • Great empowerment option

We charge an hourly rate to project manage data capture, assess fit, populate a unique template​, write compelling copy and provide a QA service.

In addition, we charge 1% of the contract total, for each successful Tender or Proposal.

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$199/mth + 1%


Ideal for businesses who have been through our Standard process and are now ready to submit regular Tenders. Includes:

  • Ongoing advice (up to 2 hrs/month)

  • Weekly alerts for suitable Tender opportunities

  • Ongoing access to data

  • Ongoing access to completed historic Tenders

  • Additional $50/hr to create & populate new templates

We also charge 1% of the contract total, for each Tender or Proposal won. This results based model ​keeps our costs down and quality high.

Most Tenders and Proposals are actually quite straightforward, but they can seem daunting if you have never done one before. This is all part of the hoop-jumping which will differentiate you from your competition, once you try it. Sometimes it may be best to just call us and ask us about your particular situation. If you are not quite ready for that, you can also request an example of our Tenders, to judge the quality of our work.


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