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"I worked with Jen on a complex project to implement Customer Service processes and systems into our organisation. Jen was clear-sighted, obviously experienced and very thorough and determined. She worked hard to bring the senior team on board and used her very wide range of skills to create a robust solution to a problem we had struggled with for a considerable time. We are now benefiting from Jen’s efforts and I have no hesitation in recommending her, as I hold her in very high regard."

Paul Kitson

George Barnsdale & Sons

"Garry is a hard working, flexible and adaptable individual with a breadth of experience in solving both technical and business problems. He is capable of understanding both the solution required, and the wider context surrounding it, which makes him a very effective change manager."

Ben Heyman


We are people who get results by building people up and being courageous, considerate and persistent.

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"Having worked with Garry I've always been impressed with his strong track record of managing and delivering significant business improvements and change. In particular, Garry knows how to deliver Change through the lens of People, Process and Technology."

Dan O'Neill


"Jen adds extremely intelligent insight and enthusiasm to a team environment. I was impressed with how she could dissemble complex situations, and come up with pragmatic solutions. She is sensitive to others ideas and ambitions, and is exceptionally good at getting other peoples buy-in, rather than ramming a better idea down their throats"

Matt Schultz


"I found Jen to be very organised and analytical. She is capable of condensing and clarifying processes and procedures into clear and structured work flow diagrams. Processing volumes of data and presenting in clear tables and charts. She has a sharp mind that I found a pleasure to bounce ideas and concepts off to assist me in clarifying my thoughts before committing to paper."

Mike Dymond


Samantha Jones, Project Manager